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Mit unserem Workshop wollen wir Mitarbeitern unsere Erfahrung und Techniken weitergeben, um erfolgreich selbstständig auf LinkedIn Leads zu generieren. Am Ende unseres Workshops haben die Teilnehmer ein klares Verständnis, wie Verkaufsschritte so verbessert werden können, sodass höhere Konversionsraten mit weniger Zeitaufwand das Ergebnis sind. Damit wollen wir unseren Kunden helfen, den Einsatz von Mitarbeitern auf LinkedIn zu hebeln.

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Dein Partner für die Skalierung von Sales Prozessen und Aktivitäten auf LinkedIn. Mit unseren wachstumsstarken und erprobten LinkedIn Vertriebsstrategien vermitteln wir deinen Sales-Mitarbeitern unser Know-how und helfen dir, Organisations- und Personalstrukturen auf die nächste Stufe zu heben.

Unsere Workshops decken alle relevanten Punkte ab:

  • Profil Optimierung/

  • Prospects finden/

  • Die Macht der Gruppen/

  • Mehrwert durch Content/

  • Mit der Zielgruppe in Kontakt treten/

  • Die Sales-Kaskade/

  • Wenn Prospects antworten/

  • Take it Offline/

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10 Uhr
Workshop Teil I: Profil, Content & Communication


13 Uhr


14 Uhr
Workshop Teil II: Hands-On Implementierung 


17 Uhr

haloo contacts decision makers and educates them about our service. Once they hand over the leads to us, they already know the most important things, which is important to shorten a sales process.


Yannick M., CEO

Social Selling was fairly new to us but has convinced us immediately. Through focussing on education, haloo could establish us as industry experts among our customers. Once they hand leads over, they are ready for a sale.

André B., MD

Their service poses a new concept for doing b2b sales digitally on LinkedIn. A big value is their personal approach when contacting prospects.

Jonas W., CEO

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Robert Enderlein, Founder & CEO

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We at haloo.io have a profound background in sales and marketing by having worked in the startup sector and as entrepreneurs. What struck to us was always the same problem: Most companies are struggling to make LinkedIn work for them as this can be very time consuming or done wrong even alienate prospects.

Social media as an invention is just as important as the phone for sales and doing it right is essential for a company’s success. That is when the idea was born to offer Social Selling on LinkedIn as a service for companies because we believe in building relationships to customers through education and engagement.

Our mission is to position our clients as thought leaders among their future customers early on to grow sales effectively and sustainably.


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