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haloo makes sales on LinkedIn work for you

We connect you with your future customers and hand over ready-to-convert leads. Safe & easy.

what it means for your business


higher B2B conversion rate delivered by LinkedIn vs Facebook. Absolute volume of leads depends on the product but we see up to 10x ROI early on.


of top executives look on LinkedIn for quality content. We will leverage your content marketing by building a highly relevant audience to share it with directly.


or more in time saving vs if you did it yourself. Our proven sales cadence starts meaningful conversations and engagement that can be very time consuming when done in-house.

about us

Robert Enderlein, Founder & CEO

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We at haloo.io have a profound background in sales and marketing by having worked in the startup sector and as entrepreneurs. What struck to us was always the same problem: Most companies are struggling to make LinkedIn work for them as this can be very time consuming or done wrong even alienate prospects.

Social media as an invention is just as important as the phone for sales and doing it right is essential for a company’s success. That is when the idea was born to offer Social Selling on LinkedIn as a service for companies because we believe in building relationships to customers through education and engagement.

Our mission is to position our clients as thought leaders among their future customers early on to grow sales effectively and sustainably.


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