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Social selling under GDPR

Increase sales while staying within the boundaries

GDPR is a legal regulation by the EU, designed to better protect the citizens personal data. It is not designed to kill all sales and marketing related activities, but there are some rules that need to be thought of, in order to be fully compliant. And since the fines for not being compliant are hefty, it will be better to safe than sorry and take any precaution necessary.

We at haloo.io therefore want to give a bit if background on this topic for you to better understand it.

Legitimate Interest

There are six different acceptable reasons for processing data under GDPR, where the one relevant for outbound sales is Legitimate Interest. This is – to keep it simple – that the offer being presented to the prospect has to be relevant to them, in order for you to process the data. So it is important to explain in the beginning of the conversation why your particular content and ultimately offering would be suited for the prospect. In our communications, for example, we open with this:

Hi {{first_name}},
I was looking at your profile and saw you are specialised in {industry}. So I thought it would be great to connect and keep in touch.

We at haloo.io always double check the prospecting list prior to running any activities and screen it for persons who do not fall under the targeting specs. This insures, that all people who get contacted by us will have legitimate interest to ultimately hear your pitch.

haloo.io will always be GDPR compliant, so you can always be completely safe using us. It is hard for smaller companies to have the resources to get into these new legislations, so just let us deal with that head ache while you do what you do best: sell.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at info@haloo.io